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DCS Training in Cochin,Kerala

DCS has Distributed Controls

The elements of control in DCS are widely distributed throughout the system. Actually this is in contrast to the non-distributed systems, where only a single controller is used. A DCS generally makes use of custom-designed processors as controllers. There could be both proprietary inter-connections and standard communication protocol for the communications. The subject knowledge and working skills could be learnt through DCS Automation Training.

SCADA & DCS - Differences are Subtle

The DCS elements are connected to the physical equipment. They are such as switches, pumps and valves & to HMI via SCADA. The differences between SCADA & DCS are very subtle. Functionality of each overlaps the other – depending upon the advances in technology. Automation Training in DCS would enlighten the students on these aspects.

Wiztech's Specialized Training

Wiztech Automation cochin,kerala, specialized their Automation Training features in DCS apart from PLC & SCADA. The Automation training’s features, advantages and benefits at Wiztech, not only covers the syllabus under DCS, but makes the students confident enough to handle the equipment.

The individual focus that Wiztech Automation provides on DCS / SCADA Automation Training makes the students very comfortable and they enjoy their time space for better understanding and assimilation. After the students complete their Training, the students are certified in the course completion and are also provided placement for job opportunities. While on DCS / SCADA Automation Training, depending on the requirement the students who are from outside cochin,kerala city and also outside Tamil Nadu, are provided free accommodation.

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