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SCADA Training in Cochin,Kerala

(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

SCADA is an essential system in automation and most of the industries having focused automation technology incorporated in their manufacturing or service set up should have SCADA based automation system. SCADA is therefore indispensable in automation. SCADA has been there ever since automation made its first appearance; such is its importance in automation technology. Initial SCADA systems included mechanical and human-supported operations for data acquisition, but with the advancement in the field of electronics and Information Technology, SCADA got transformed into a more sophisticated system shedding its dependence on humans and mechanical gadgets. SCADA Automation Training covers all aspects in the system.

SCADA - System with Coded Signals

The system in operation with coded signals over the communication channels to provide control over the equipment & means for remote access is called SCADA. One communication channel per remote state is how it is connected. The data acquisition system is combined with the control system. SCADA is one kind of industrial control system (ICS).

SCADA System in Process Industries

SCADA are computer based systems which actually monitor and control the process in industries. Power generation, fabrication and refining are certain of the industrial processes in manufacturing and production sectors. SCADA Automation Training can prepare the students for hands on working in the system.

SCADA System in Infrastructure

In the area of infrastructure they are in used in ‘water treatment & distribution’, ‘waste water collection and treatment’, oil & gas pipelines, electrical power transmission and distribution, wind farms, defense siren systems and large communication systems. SCADA systems are installed in ‘facility processes’ also. Automation Training in SCADA will enlighten the students on the subject.

Wiztech Training in SCADA

Wiztech Automation delivers to its students, knowledge and skills through SCADA Automation Training. The individual focus that Wiztech Automation provides on SCADA Automation Training makes the students very comfortable and they enjoy their time space for better understanding and assimilation. After the students complete their Training, the students are certified in the course completion and are also provided placement for job opportunities. While undergoing SCADA Automation Training, depending upon the requirement, the students who hail from outside cochin, kerala city and also outside Tamil Nadu, are provided free accommodation.

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